Hannes Kunart

TaruMaja Concept Ltd. Founder, Member of the Board, CEO.

Hannes graduated Lakeland College (USA, WI) in 1997 obtained BA in International Business Administration.

Hannes has been an active entrepreneur since 1997. During his career he has been involved in launching and developing companies in different fields. This list includes the first industrial level security shredding company in Estonia, one of the first and certainly the biggest private archive, construction company, production company, etc.

Hannes is the author and initiator of the preliminary TaruMaja concept. As an entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience he can see beyond the project risks and identify the opportunities of that new approach to cabin building. According to Hannes there is an enormous potential for generating an added value to the natural building materials as well as to modernize and broaden the Estonian wooden cabins manufacture segment.

Hannes is in charge of product development and manufacture, logistics and strategic partnerships.