TaruMaja Dog HOuse

The third product from the TaruMaja product line. This is a 1/3 scale reduced copy of Magala4, perfect for your pets home or shelter. The floor surface of TaruMaja Dog House is about 1.5 square meters.

TaruMaja Dog House base price is

1 075 EUR

(excl.VAT. For domestic purchses the VAT of 20% will be added to the price)

The base price includes:
– Floor support beams (prepared according to the desired foundation (blocks, posts, screws etc.))
– Floor, wall, ceiling and roof prefabricated structures with necessary fasteners
– The roof covering material
– Concealed installation ready for the cables and piping
– Two non-opening windows
– Weather shields for the door and windows
– Tar oil for exterior weather shield

Some of the extras to consider:
– Installation of the ground screws or any other preferred foundation
– Assembly in the factory, delivery of an assembled house to the site and lifting on pre-installed ground screws or similar foundation
– Installation work at the site (All our products come with a complete written or video installation guide. Since the installation process is aroud 95% about putting together the prefabricated details, it is possible to complete it without any significant professional help. Although, we strongly recommend using qualified contractor or professional (general construction, carpentry or similar) for the building and installation works. The quotation for any kind of installation works will be prepared and provided upon request. We also offer custom solutions for rather extreme sites.)
– Terrace (The quotation together with a technical solution will be prepared and provided upon request.)
– Transportation of the prefabricated details of the house to the site (Transportation price depends directly on the final location and accessibility. The quotation will be prepared and provided upon request. In case of easily accessible locations within the borders of Estonia the price starts from 60 EUR)
– Coating the walls with natural tar oil (Coating with natural tar oil significantly prolongs the lifespan of the wooden parts. We strongly recommend to repeat the coating process annually.)

In case of an interest towards any of the products or services listed above and not included in the base price (interior design solutions, custom structural solutions, etc.), we will provide a detailed quotation. The prepared quotation already takes into consideration the specific needs of the client.

In case you need additional funds to buy TaruMaja: