TaruMaja Sleeper4

Sleeper4 is the first product of TaruMaja product line. As the name suggests, it is a cabin, which can be set up with everything you need for accommodating up to 4 people for an overnight stay. It is a perfect choice for an additional sleeping space at the farmhouse, a trekking cabin or an emergency shelter on the hiking trail, a hunting or fishing cabin in the wild, a sleeper at the accommodation facility, etc. The cabin has readiness to be equipped with an off grid 12V solar energy system, which enables you to enjoy your favorite book or study the map to find the perfect route for the next day and at the same time to charge you mobile or tablet while away from power grid.

The floor space of the cabin is around 12 m² and the ceiling height is around 3 m. The thickness of the walls is minimum 90 mm, which can be easily increased by choosing a different wall material.

Please contact us for the estimated price calculation.

The price includes:

– Ground screws (in case of a standard option 6 screws will be used as a foundation. The type and length of the screws depends on the geological conditions and desired height from the ground. 2100 mm ground screws enable approximately 500 mm ground clearance for the floor beams)
– Floor, wall, ceiling and roof prefabricated structures with necessary fasteners
– Floor insulation
– The roof covering material
– Concealed installation ready for the cables
– Standard door and two double-layered non-opening windows
– Weather shields for the door and windows
– Natural tar oil for exterior weather shield

In case of an interest towards any of the products or services listed above and not included in the base price, we will provide a detailed quotation. The prepared quotation already takes into consideration the specific needs of the client like intended use and desired location of the building, different choice of the core material, alternative energy systems etc.

In case you need additional funds to buy TaruMaja: