TaruMaja Sauna

TaruMaja Sauna is the newest product in our product range, using the same design and structural platform as TaruMaja Magala4. It allows you to build a fully functional sauna house, or just a steam room as a separate building. In case of a fully fuctional sauna building, a wall separating the steam room from the shower and dressing area will be added to the conventional structure. TaruMaja Sauna can be equipped with either an electric (Smart) or a wood burning heater. It is also possible to design the proportions of the rooms and the steam room setup according to the clients preferences. TaruMaja Sauna is perfect for a remote sauna house or a separate steam room by your house, summer cottage, hunting lodge or a ski-cabin. It could also be set up as a remote bathing spot in some scienic place by the water.

Please contact us for the estimated price calculation.

The base price includes:
– Ground screws (in case of a standard option 6 screws will be used as a foundation. The type and length of the screws depends on the geological conditions and desired height from the ground. 2100 mm ground screws enable approximately 500 mm ground clearance for the floor beams)
– Floor, wall, ceiling and roof prefabricated structures with necessary fasteners
– Floor insulation
– The roof covering material
– Concealed installation ready for the cables and piping
– Standard front door, glass steam room door and two double-layered non-opening windows
– Weather shields for the door and windows
– Tar oil for exterior weather shield

Some of the extras to consider:
– Installation of the ground screws
– Assembly in the factory, delivery of an assembled house to the site and lifting on pre-installed ground screws or similar foundation
– Installation work at the site (All our products come with a complete written or video installation guide. Since the installation process is aroud 95% about putting together the prefabricated details, it is possible to complete it without any significant professional help (although, professional supervision is mandatory). We strongly recommend using qualified contractor or professional (general construction, carpentry or similar) for the building and installation works. The quotation for any kind of installation works will be prepared and provided upon request. We also offer custom solutions for rather extreme sites like waterfronts, cliffs etc.)
– The ceiling insulation (the choice is up to the buyer between different materials: stone wool, blowing wool, PIR insulation boards etc. The price and quantity depends on the choice of the material.)
– 12V solar energy system setup for off grid network (Solar energy is one of the main choices for a environmentally conscious user. Depending on the exact location the off-grid renewable energy system could be the only available option for power supply. The cost of such a system depends on the location and the specific conditions around the spot like exposure to the sunlight and wind, average annual air temperature etc. as well as the expectations to the output of the system. The quotation together with a technical solution will be prepared and provided upon request.).
– Smart electric steam room heater (We recommend the use of fully stone-covered heaters, which allow smaller safety distances from the wood materials and therefore give you more freedom in designing the interior of the steam room. The quotation together with a technical solution will be prepared and provided upon request.)
– Wood burning heater with a chimney compliant with all the fire safety requirements (A lively fire will definately provide much better indoor climate and adds that little something to the steam room. Also, when using a wood burning heater, it is not necessary to carry out electrical work. Since it is a wooden building, it is essential to comply with the relevant fire safety requirements when planning, installing and using the wood burning heater. The quotation together with a technical solution will be prepared and provided upon request.)
– Plumbing works with all the necessary materials (We would complete all the plumbing works for you. The quotation together with a technical solution will be prepared and provided upon request.)
– Outside staircase/terrace (Since the door threshold is about 500-600 mm above the ground, we recommend to build a staircase or terrace with additional steps. The quotation together with a technical solution will be prepared and provided upon request.)
– Transportation of the prefabricated details of the house to the site (Transportation price depends directly on the final location and accessibility. The quotation will be prepared and provided upon request. In case of easily accessible locations within the borders of Estonia the price starts fron 300 EUR)
– Coating the walls with natural tar oil (Coating with natural tar oil significantly prolongs the lifespan of the wooden parts. We strongly recommend to repeat the coating process annually.)
– Monitoring service (Includes coating the outside surfaces annually with a tar oil in addition to the process of cleaning the external surfaces from foreign objects like leaves, snow, ice, tree branches etc., inspection and/or adjustment of the ground screws, inspections of the installed technical systems etc. with predetermined frequency. The quotation will be prepared and provided upon request.)

In case of an interest towards any of the products or services listed above and not included in the base price (interior design solutions, custom structural solutions, etc.), we will provide a detailed quotation. The prepared quotation already takes into consideration the specific needs of the client like intended use and desired location of the building, different choice of the core material, alternative energy systems etc.

In case you need additional funds to buy TaruMaja: